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Amazy Web is now Comprehensive, the global market makes war less likely, even between the U.S.A. and China.


Android provides vast area of Application Category. It also encompasses Games and Utility applications, Location-Based Tools Applications and Barcode Scanners Applications.

 In today’s marketplace, it is vital to keep your website up to date and looking as professional as you are. We’re here to help.


Responsive Design Implementation makes your website design template compatible across a wide range of screen sizes including all Devices.

What We Can Do For You

Our services cover every aspect needed to establish your web presence online.From design and special functionality to website management and SEO – we are here to establish and manage your web presence full circle.

Amazy web is one of the most trustable and highly recommended company, not just in local market but in global market as well, for its services in Web Designing, Development & Graphics work.

Being one of the centric service providers for all the services, we have proven our capability to take the IT MARKET to new height. The team of experienced professional with passion to excel ensures that our each client gets complete end-to-end project management with regular update without any issues.

Development 95%
Design 98%
Marketing 90%
E-Commerce 90%
Consulting 89%

At Amazy Web, our Anand-based web design team has a passion for building websites from scratch. Even though working from a template – as many of our competitors do – would be easier and cheaper, it’s not what’s best for you.

By starting with a blank slate, we make the most of our creativity and make it possible to give our clients exactly what they need to reach their target audiences. That means you get the aesthetics and features that fit your business, and that your branding image and marketing goals are always being considered.

There is both an art and a science to search engine optimization. At Amazy Web, we both weave together, using proven content, linking, and web structure tactics to help our clients gain visibility. The result is an approach that is bound to succeed over time.

90% of Google’s users won’t look past the third page of results. That means you need a long-term strategic approach to SEO that doesn’t just make your website easy to find, but adapts to ever-changing search algorithms. We can help your website achieve a top search position, and just as importantly, keep it.

E-Commerce Web Design is one of our core services. We found that professionally designed websites not only attract more customers, but visitors are more likely to order if they feel that they are ordering from a professional, established website. Through the use of the state-of-the-art E-Commerce technologies and a very professional and usable UI/UX design our team can ensure that your customers feel reassured the moment they visit your website.

Enhancing brand awesomeness:-

Building a strong brand starts with the right logo and visual identity, but effective branding is so much more. It’s communicating vision, mission, and culture to those within and without your organization. It’s about engaging your target audience and creating an ongoing relationship with them.

At Amazy Web, we take the time to get to know you, and then translate what we find into a brand identity that is crafted for your organization’s unique personality. The resulting logos, collateral materials, and promotional materials give you the ammunition you need to make a lasting impression on customers, colleagues, and employees.

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  • Their professional Project Management System, sales support and development process is excellent. It’s like an extension of my IT department.

    Kaushal Patel
    Managing Director, Lucent Lightings
  • We appreciate to work with Amazy Web for their unmatched quality of support services and commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Prashant Patel
    New Health Care, Owner, UK
  • Great work, Best support ever, Exclusive designs, Nice work Amazy Web.

    Prashant C Patel
    Owner at CAM Trading INC
  • Sites with Amazy Web gave us the websites that we wanted: clean design, easy to navigate, quick to load, secure, and low maintenance. The Amazy Web was a gem to work with and if you are ready to put your business on the web, They are the one to help you.

    Akshay Patel
    CEO,New Health Supplies, India
  • Seriously, it was an easy decision to give this project to Amazy Web. They have a good support team of mangers and extremely talented developers. If you are reading this feedback, trying to decide which developer to go with – stop now and go with Amazy Web, they are easy to work with and they will get the job done, don’t take your chance with someone else. Thank you Amazy Web.

    CEO, Shop Plus 99, India