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About us

About us

Our Story

Amazy Web is a professional technical consulting firm providing expert services in web and mobile design and development. Our expertise lies in web strategy, user experience design, technology strategy and implementation.

We embrace the relationship between design and technology, ensuring that our design can be effectively delivered within the technology platform. We assemble highly experienced, cross-functional teams from analytical, creative, and technical backgrounds to reach shared goals.

Our Experience

Our 20 person team has extensive experience in mobile and website development. Specifically, our focus is in building robust E-commerce sites and content management systems for a variety of companies, professional organizations, and non-profit groups.

We pride ourselves on clear, consistent communication even in the face of challenging technical problems. Additionally, our knowledge and past experience in both web development and information technology allows us to solve complicated issues with innovative custom solutions.


We recognize that the success of any web or mobile application lies in the quality of the experiences it delivers to users. Accordingly, as we design and build each application experience, we listen closely to the needs of the users. In many ways, we assume the role of user advocate, seeking to better understand users' goals and unmet needs.

Drawing on the expertise and talent of our usability professionals, we are able to focus user research across a system’s design and development lifecycle to ensure the highest levels of user satisfaction and value for our clients’ brands.