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Graphic Design/ Multimedia

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Graphic designing and multimedia application are among the major services offered at ‘Amazy Web’. The dedicated service and support staff offered by us will surely provide new dimensions to the process of graphic designing service. Here, it is feasible for you to receive graphic designing of all the sizes and shapes.It is our priority to match up with all your expectations to the upmost extent.

We are very well familiar with the requirements of the small, medium and large corporations in different parts of the world. There are some of the key factors due to which our website development services Indiaare highly successful not only in India but in the whole world. These include our highly competent and dedicated team, quick development process, instant delivery and highly affordable prices.

There are an immense numbers of fields our development and designing team is specialized in.

This is the reason why being a versatilegraphic design firm;we comprise definite command in the following fields of services

Corporate branding solutions

Our logo designservice is an integrated segment of the corporate branding. Here it is feasible for you to fetch premium quality in the corporate logo designing, business logos, the logos for the brand promotion, logos for the small scale businesses and logos for the newly established businesses.

Graphical user interface (GUI)

The graphical user interfaces created by us are very simple to apply and it is feasible to develop the brand awareness through the same. Being a graphic design companywho expertise in their field, we are very well familiar with the needs of your business. This is the reason why we deliver standard services in the fields of software oriented architecture, desktop application, software as a service, mobile computing and embedded system.

Flash presentations

We understand that as a leading web development services India, an immense numbers of global clients always have very high expectations from us. The services of flash presentations are also not an exception to the same. The projects associated with the flash animation and presentations are handled by our core team of professionals and are improvised in such a manner that it can easily match up with your global competitive needs.

Video effects and Integration

Being a prominent graphic designing companyIndia,we offer a highly competent team of professionals with strong command over important software like Adobe After Effects,3D Studio, Flash and Premier. All these effects can be integrated in such a manner that the web applications and CD/DVD presentations can easily attract a larger segment of the audience with respect to your company’s marketing theme.