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Website Project Planning

Once we've established exactly what you're looking for, we can draft a website project plan to make it happen. This enables us to provide you with the most accurate possible proposal.

Here are some key steps in our website project planning stage:

  • Collect all of the information - gathered from our initial meeting and discuss strategies with senior designers and developers.
  • Assess your functional requirements – consider how best to direct the in-house skills we have and whether we need to call in our trusted partners (for example for video content, flash animations etc.)
  • Factor in any technical specifications – for example, if your site needs to be compatible with a particular system, or if you need us to work on an iPhone-ready version of the site.
  • Analyse your competitors – we'll run early checks on your competitors to find out what they're doing well and where they can be beaten in terms of functionality and user experience.
  • Work out timescales – if you've got strict deadlines to meet then obviously that will affect our scheduling (if needs be we can arrange a staggered launch, with additional functionality added at a later date).
  • User profiles and usability – at this stage we may perform basic consumer research, creating simple user personae which help us map out how people might navigate your site.
  • Aesthetics – we'll consider your business identity, as well as any brand guidelines you may have. We may develop colour schemes and concepts as a starting point for discussion.

What next?

Ready to discuss your ideas with us and get a full Web development project proposal?

Get in touch and we can arrange an initial meeting and create a website project plan for your business (we're based in India, but we can meet up wherever you prefer.)