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Website Development Project Proposal

Our web development project proposal is the result of our initial meetings with you and the findings from our extensive planning process

It's a chance for you to see that we understand your business and project goals, and for us to demonstrate that we can deliver the best possible results.

Included will be:

  • A fixed price quote
  • Accurate timescales
  • Detailed breakdown of work required
  • Further suggestions and ideas
  • Free support and warranty details

A full explanation of what you'll be paying for and what you'll get for free (such as post-build technical support) helps avoid any hidden costs.

The proposal will be supported with a number of graphics (such as site maps and design concepts).

In more detail, the proposal will include:

  • Project overview – featuring project goals, main targets for delivery, and key expectations. It's something both parties can refer to for the duration of the project.
  • A breakdown of the process – with details of when first drafts and wireframes will be viewable. (We'll also go into brief detail on the technology and programming languages used.)
  • Timescales – with realistic, achievable target dates (that are usually surprisingly fast). We've built enough websites to know how to create an accurate schedule.
  • Compatibility and viewing specifications – for browsers, mobile devices and different screens. We'll also confirm the formats and resolutions of any logo and graphic files we send over.
  • Training and consultancy – if you've requested further training, we'll explain how we'll liaise with you to make it happen.
  • Full information about free warranty periods and free technical support.
  • Hosting and website server maintenance details (if requested).
  • A full, fixed price quote for all work (with detailed price breakdown).

What next?

If you want to speak with one of our head designers about getting a web development project proposal, contact us. Or find out more about our development process...